How to get skinny legs in 3 weeks?

Charlotte Dykes Asked: How to get skinny legs in 3 weeks?

I'm going on holiday in about 3 weeks and going to be wearing a bikini.
The problem is that i really have low self esteem about my body. I hate my legs and sides of my stomach. I have these lumps of fat on the top of my legs under my but.. which i hate, because they stop me from wearing short shorts.
I also hate wearing tops because of the fat on the sides of my stomach.
I know i won't be able to loose that much weight before my holiday, but i was just wondering how to get more skinnier and defined legs and side of my stomachs before my holiday.
I've been trying to watch what i eat and do fitness DVDs.. but nothing seems to be working. I'm 16, so please nobody say 'have liposuction' because obviously i can't afford that.
Thanks if you answer, it means a lot icon smile How to get skinny legs in 3 weeks? xx


Im in here Answered:
1) Limit, but don't cut out high fat foods: Dietary fat can be stored if taken in excess, however, some fat intake must be maintained to prevent the body from storing every bit of fat it does get.

2) Limit high sugar and high glycemic index foods (including fruit): Simple sugars (and many "complex"carbohydrates) get easily converted into fat, and can also be the cause of high cholesterol. Glucose, fructose, and sucrose are all simple sugars and maltodextrin (common in many "weight gainer supplements) has a very high glycemic index putting it in the same category as simple sugars. I'm not saying not to eat fruit, as they contain many beneficial vitamins, just don't overdo it. Keep it to 2 or 3 pieces a day.

3)Eat more frequently: Yes, you read that right! Eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day (or 3 main meals and 2 -3 healthy snacks (protein shakes work well)). There are several reasons for this, they are:

With smaller servings, your stomach will shrink and you will get full faster.

Digesting burns a surprising amount of calories, eat more often and burn more calories!

When you eat a large meal, the body takes what it needs, and saves the excess as, guess what? FAT. Smaller meals prevent this even if you eat the same amount overall.

4) Never eat before bed: Plan your last meal to be at least 2 hours before bed. The body likes to store fat while you sleep if you eat too soon before bed.

5) Eat slowly: It takes your stomach about 20 minutes to signal the brain after it is full. If you eat too fast you will think you are still hungry and eat more. If you're still a bit hungry after eating, do something to take your mind off food for at least 20 minutes and you'll most likely forget about the eating.

6) Don't totally cut out fat: Keep some fat in your "nondiet", as it helps get your body into a "fat burning mode". Keep it "low to moderate fat" not "no fat". try to stick to the "good" fats such as those from fish, flax oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, peanut oil.

7) This won't be easy so give yourself a break sometimes. Allow yourself one "treat" per week, or even a day where you can eat whatever you want, and really enjoy it!

Sydney Answered:
Lay on your back and lift your legs over your head. It burns after awhile but it will help you gain muscle icon smile How to get skinny legs in 3 weeks? .

LizzayaKamella Answered:
I want the same thing… I wanna try zumba and I've done taeboo and its a killer for your legs! And squats.. that's what im trying

kinky chinky Answered:
run a lot and don't eat anything.

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